My life’s work has been to develop the Mindfulness and Yoga programme (MYB) to treat Burnout in the workplace.

MYB is a breakthrough programme in reducing stress that leads to Burnout in the workplace.

The effects of this programme are a more productive and resilient workforce who are better able to focus on their jobs.


1. (MYB) Mindfulness and Yoga for Burnout at Work

I run a specialised programme that has been informed by PHD research into how to address Burnout in workplaces such as the legal profession. This programme breaks down our understanding of what Burnout is and what causes it and then runs the staff through a course of treatment using Mindfulness and Yoga techniques known to reduce Burnout in the present and also prevent Burnout from re-occuring in the future. Staff can be trained to deliver these techniques after the programme has ended so they can continue helping collegues cope with stress that leads to Burnout.

2. Covid19 Challenge: Webinar Programme

In the current Covid19 situation there are increasing numbers of staff engaged in remote and home working.
This has a major impact on team and individual delivery, internal communications, energy and motivation.
Many are used to home working, but these current circumstances are hugely different, in that all our society and all of our members of staff are carrying a huge underlying concern about health of themselves and their loved ones. This adds to the personal pressure carried.

The Webinar approach follows a sequence which shows both care and empathy to staff as well as the requirement for productivity.

To achieve this we use the broad sequence of:

i. Care for Self
ii. Care for Team
iii. Care for Productivity

3. Legal Mindfulness

Arguing for a living means constant conflict and competition with working long hours being on call 24/7. These pressures take a serious toll. Lawyers are 3.6 times as likely to suffer from burnout as non-lawyers and twice as likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. Stress, anxiety, and burnout are enormous problems in the profession. Many lawyers struggle to stay engaged with their jobs and satisfied with their lives.

Mindfulness offers an alternative to our habits of worry, anxiety, and frustration. Derived from ancient meditation methods and validated by modern science, it is a simple mental practice that introduces a calmer, more satisfying mode of being.

The webinars fall into two categories:

i. Mindfulness for Lawyers
ii. Mindfulness for Teams

John worked in law for many years so understands the unique nature of a legal practice and how mindfulness needs to be delivered to give each employee maximum benefit. This isn’t just mindfulness made to fit into law. This is mindfulness designed for lawyers.


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