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The Benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness

Whether you define yoga and mindfulness as movements, hobbies, trends, disciplines or something else, what is irrefutable is they are about as mainstream, popular and influential as they come right now. Everyone who practices yoga and engages in some form of mindfulness meditation is unique and will have a different outcome or goal in mind […]

Mindfulness for Lawyers

Increased awareness of mental health problems within the legal profession has led many firms to introduce wellbeing programmes. One practice that has gained in popularity in recent years is mindfulness. The benefits of mindfulness are universal to all professions but there is a reason that Mindfulness is a skill that is particularly advantageous to lawyers. […]


Centre for Mental Health says that the Covid-19 is a health emergency like nothing else in living memory. It has already been widely recognised that the pandemic will have major effects on mental as well as physical health. The evidence the Centre for Mental Health has reviewed shows that this must be taken seriously. Centre […]

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Mindfulness helps people thrive during COVID19

Recent studies have shown those scoring higher in mindfulness tend to report higher levels of pleasant affect, higher self-esteem, optimism, and self-actualization. Also, lower levels of neuroticism, anxiety, depression, and unpleasant affect are reported in those scoring higher in mindfulness. This means that those people who practice Mindfulness regularly are more likely to stay positive […]

Digital mental health for staff!

When organizations invest in preventive and supportive mental health solutions, a little goes a long way. Now more than ever, employees should not need to travel to access the resources they need to cope with and reduce stress. Mindfulness training can be done online or through a mobile app, making it accessible to almost everyone. […]