Digital mental health for staff!

When organizations invest in preventive and supportive mental health solutions, a little goes a long way. Now more than ever, employees should not need to travel to access the resources they need to cope with and reduce stress. Mindfulness training can be done online or through a mobile app, making it accessible to almost everyone.

Research shows Mindfulness can reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and isolation caused by home working. “Our brains have developed to focus on threat. Short-term stress and anxiety can be part of a healthy range of emotional experience and at times can help us stay safe.

However, when we experience chronic stress from working at home with not being able to leave work at work at the end of the day it can tax our immune system. This can cause more severe problems like anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbance. Meditation helps deactivate the emotional center of the brain which is responsible for emotional reactivity that keeps us hooked to news cycles and fuels chronic stress. When we help our brains stay grounded we are better able to engage the rational part of our brains. This can help us understand information and make decisions from a place of fact versus panic” says Megan Bell Jones, Chief Science Officer at Headspace. She adds that meditation works by “helping people regulate emotions, changing the brain to be more resilient to stress, and improving stress biomarkers.”

Offering your employees a digital mindfulness program could help support their mental health during this period of uncertainty and worry is essential in combating the negative mental effects of Covid19.