holistic personal training benefits

What is Holistic Personal Training?

A personal trainer is typically thought of as someone who can help to get you in shape physically. However, there’s a lot more to getting in shape than simply the physical act of working out.

In order to achieve results, the emotional aspects of fitness also need to be addressed. That’s where holistic personal training comes in.

How does holistic personal training differ from traditional training?

Holistic personal training goes much more in-depth than physical training alone. It believes that in order to train the body, you need to also train the mind.

One of the main reasons people fail to reach their fitness goals is because they aren’t mentally prepared. The trouble is, emotional issues affect the body, so if they aren’t addressed, it makes it difficult to get the most from your physical workouts.

Holistic personal training focuses largely on the mind. You will learn how to adjust your mindset to stay positive throughout your fitness journey. It teaches you how to let go of the ‘I can’t’ attitude and adopt an ‘I can’ one. What you tell your mind is ultimately what you will achieve. So, if you go into your workout thinking “I can’t do 30 minutes today”, you won’t.

It doesn’t just help you to alter your mindset, it also helps you to use the mind to maximise your results. At the end of each workout for example, you may be asked to meditate. This isn’t something a traditional personal trainer will get you to do.

However, it allows the body to completely relax and gives you the opportunity to focus on how you will feel when you finally reach your goals.

By staying positive, it does make it much easier to keep up personal training and push past the barriers which arise.

Helping you to focus on overall good health

Whilst personal training can be really beneficial, it focuses solely on the physical goals. If you were to ask most people what a personal trainer can help them achieve, they would typically list things like weight loss, to be able to lift more and to build up muscle. This is all well and good, but what about the mind?

Holistic personal trainers focus on overall, long-term good health. This includes helping to improve a client’s sleep cycle, their nutrition, their mental health and helping them to achieve a better work and life balance.

As with traditional personal trainers, each trainer will offer a slightly unique approach. Some like to focus on using the client’s own body weight for workouts, rather than equipment, while others still focus on the more traditional gym workouts. However, while the approach may differ, all will typically carry out an initial assessment. This will look at factors in your life including stress, sleep, medical history and work. From this assessment, a bespoke plan will be created to best help you achieve and maintain your goals.

Overall, holistic personal trainers are extremely valuable and differ greatly from traditional trainers. If you are looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing, while also maximising your chances of sticking to your fitness goals, holistic personal training could be the answer.