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Bidalasana is also called as Marjariasana, this name comes as the body resembles the cat, while it stretches rounding its back. Hence the name Cat Pose too, a pose generally done in the dynamic way along with the Cow Pose, Bitilasana. Considered to be a simple foundation pose, which can be done by anyone, the maximum use of the core muscles here will help in toning the muscles around the backbone. While in this pose, the idea is to work on making the spine as flexible as that of Cats, it also helps to release tensions around the hips, lower back and neck.

Bidalasana Benefits:

Considering how easy this pose looks, always remember, the alignment and the breath is what helps one gain the maximum from the practice. 15 benefits derived with the practice of Marjariasana or Bidalasana are given below.

  1. Improves the flexibility of the spine
  2. Improves the prana in the body while flexing the spine
  3. Relieves tensions around the lower back, middle back, neck and shoulders
  4. Engages the core muscles to the maximum, making it strong
  5. Strengthens the arms, shoulders and the wrists
  6. Strengthens the hip joints, the knee joints and the shoulder joints
  7. Gently massages the abdominal muscles, thereby improving digestion
  8. Great pose to reduce stress, insomnia and encourages good sleep
  9. Improves the body posture
  10. A great pose to reduce symptoms related to PMS
  11. A good pose to practice for Prenatal and Postnatal
  12. Considered a great foundation pose for most advance backbend poses
  13. Like most poses, the Cat Pose brings awareness of the body and the breath
  14. Anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia can practice this pose in a restorative way
  15. Activates the Manipura Chakra(Solar Plexus) and the Vishuddhi Chakra(Throat Chakra)

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