The concept of Satis was born out of a number of influences which include Buddhism, Mindfulness Therapy and Hatha Yoga. Satis, the Mindfulness Movement, aims to develop upon western psychological therapy (like Cognitive Behavioural Theory) and western mindfulness (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) by using the movements of a yoga practice as well as cognitive treatment to heal the mind and body.

I trained for several years with Buddhist monks and am now taking a master’s degree in Mindfulness. The next steps for me are to turn Satis into a formally recognised form of psychological mindfulness therapy which I will do through a PhD programme.

My name is John, and I’m in the business of changing lives.

Mindfulness Movement is a mindfulness therapy that fills the gaps that western mindfulness therapy leaves open. In the west, we have psychological treatments for the mind and physical treatments for the body. Originally, mindfulness incorporated treatment of the mind (through psychology and focussing meditation), stresses to the body (yoga and/or chanting) and the spirit by teaching an understanding of the nature of reality (awareness). Mindfulness Movement teaches an authentic version of mindfulness that brings all these elements together to give you the complete pathway to happiness.

We create our own reality. Let’s create a better one together.




A little bit about me

Mindfulness Movement

I worked for over ten years as a lawyer before re-training as a Holistic Personal Trainer and Mindfulness Practitioner.

I did the typical office job; chasing the money until I had lost all sense of who I was and where I was going.

It was only when I was faced with a life-threatening illness did I realise that I needed to make the most of each day and not to spend all my time stuck in an office. I sold my shares in my company and left the business within weeks of making the decision.

The next three years were spent with Buddhist Monks in a forest learning Mindfulness through deep meditation techniques.

When I was not on retreat, I was studying a degree at university which has led me to my current Master’s Degree in Mindfulness.

Over this three year journey, I came to understand that there are four pillars in life that are needed to support and happy, healthy body and mind – balance of the mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Once I understood this, I knew that I must create a service that allowed busy people in everyday life
to access the benefits of mind and body that I found.



I work with three distinct products that each give different benefits. The yoga classes are a gentle introduction to mindfulness movement therapy. The one-to-one sessions are perfect for people who have psychological issues (such as anxiety or depression) and who are ready for a deep form of therapy that uses cognitive behavioural techniques, counselling, mindfulness and focusing therapy to achieve life-changing results. Then there is the ultimate service – Mindfulness Movement Therapy – that incorporates all these elements together.

Mindfulness Movement Therapy Service

Mindfulness Movement Therapy

One to one or group classes. Cognitive-Based Mindfulness Therapy and Focusing Therapy meets the ancient practice of curing the body of its pain… yoga. This is a new form of mindfulness therapy that develops upon the current scientific mindfulness work and moves it forwards by reverting back to the original mindfulness practices which used the mind, the body and the spirit.

Yoga Classes Warwickshire

Yoga Classes

These classes use mindfulness as the core ingredient and are designed to develop a person physically and mentally. They are suitable for all abilities.

One to One Mindfulness Therapy

This service is perfect for those people who have been to traditional therapists (counsellors, cognitive behavioural therapy) and have not found the answers they are looking for. I use a mixture of meditation, focussing and acceptance therapy to enable the person to find the answers themselves by helping them to understand who they are and what it is they are really feeling.



FM Magazine recently featured John’s classes which he has developed with the David Lloyd health club chain. These classes involve traditional mindfulness meditation but also incorporate exercises such as Yoga, Pilates and touch and trust group activities to appeal to a wider range of the gym’s clients.


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